How to Build & Maintain a High-Performing Sales Team in Today’s Hypercompetitive Environment

Today’s global business environment is complicated. It is full of unprecedented opportunity but fraught with challenges. There has never before been a marketplace so loud, crowded and full of competing distractions jockeying for your clients’ attention. What’s more, the entire sales cycle has sped up dramatically over the past decade thanks in part to rampantly advancing technology. In the typical industry, prospective clients complete two-thirds of the buying process on their own before contacting a sales professional. That means companies have to build relationships with prospective clients and figure out what they value in a short period of time often under heavy pressure from competing firms. Meanwhile, shareholders and senior leadership expect sales teams to consistently increase total revenue and market share.

In this fast-paced, competitive world, cutting-edge products, good service and hard work are no longer enough. To be successful in 2017, sales professionals must work passionately and intensely. They need to develop trust with clients quickly, figure out exactly what their clients want, and then deliver products and services specifically customized to meet those wants. This Master Class is designed to help sales leaders build client-centric teams that are adept at prospecting, building relationships, making powerful sales presentations, and closing deals. It will show you how to sell to both small and large companies. You will learn how to get past “gatekeepers” and connect with senior decision makers. Additionally, the class will focus on how sales leaders can attract outstanding talent, retain top producers and ultimately drive positive results.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to build trusting relationships with prospects and current clients
  • How to identify buyers’ concerns and determine what they truly value without making assumptions
  • Develop a deeper understanding of what prospecting is and how to do it more efficiently
  • How to connect with senior executives at large companies and build long-standing business relationships with them
  • How to deliver winning sales presentations that are driven by the client’s wants and needs
  • How to structure the sales process in such a way that the close is an anti-climactic, foregone conclusion
  • Understand the difference between sales management and leadership
  • How to balance the “people” side of sales with reporting and forecasting
  • How sales leaders can overcome company politics while advocating for the sales team and the sales function in general

Who Should Attend

  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Senior managers
  • Anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the sales process