Sales Management

Sales Management is a branch of corporate management and leadership that is responsible for the overall sales operations of a firm. In most of the firms and organizations, the sales management is a vital function since revenues and profitability is based on it. Without an affective sales management, the chances of corporate survival become obsolete. Sales management is driven by targets and performance indicators.

How does your corporation or company manage their sales? Do you have access to the latest tools and techniques to elevate the sales and over achieve the targets every time? Are your sales manages equipped with the new technology when they are prospecting and closing the deals?

Affective Sales Management is your key to a successful business. You might want to plan your operations and strategizing all year long, but everything depends on the number of sales you have been able to make. Sales drive your revenue and no matter what industry or vertical you belong, sales of your products and services is the only primary factor that will enable you to continue your business operations.

The 2-day sales management program has been designed to offer you answers and tools that you need for optimum sales. In this comprehensive program, seasoned sales professionals and thought leaders provide a deep dive on leading sales strategy practices and the key components of, and approaches for, developing sales strategies. Organic growth priorities, combined with changes in customer needs and buying trends, are driving senior sales executives to explore new and innovative sales strategies.

The outcome? A proliferation of value propositions and sales models —highlighting the diverse range of possible sales strategies while underscoring the many challenging decisions so critical to profitable revenue growth.

  • Learn the secrets and tools to increase sales and profits involving less risk, less investment and more likelihood of success
  • Finding out the reasons why customers leave and how to stop them doing that
  • Achieving your overall significant sales growth by setting and achieving growth targets
  • The Universal Buying and selling Process
  • Learn the golden rules of sales promotion and management.

Day 1

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS Introduction to creating an affective Sales Framework
10:30: 10:45 HRS Tea and Coffee Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Develop segment-specific sales propositions that benefit both buyer and seller
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Create a direct sales program that includes strategic account management, field sales and inside sales
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 1700 HRS Q & A Session

Day 2

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS How to do relationship building with institutional buyers
10:30: 10:45 HRS Coffee / Tea Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Tools to identify implementation issues and critical success factors for different types of sales strategies
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Exercise / Workshop
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 17:00 HRS Q & A Session