Institutional Marketing

The paradigm of outreach and marketing isn’t limited to individual consumers or clients. In fact, most of the data-driven organizations, today, seek to get permanent large clients and consumers for their products. Any marketer or an entrepreneur, who is looking to make it big, knows the value of such markets.

Institutional marketing is the backbone of the whole marketing structure that any organization follows. Everyone wants their products to sell. And what’s better than selling it repeatedly and in large quantities to buyers?

Marketing your products to educational facilities, hospitality entities, nursing homes, government, places of worship, community organizations etc. all fall under the cadre of institutional marketing. An institutional market comprises of large consumers, and if done right; the returns are massive as well.

The challenge of institutional marketing is immense and complex. This marketing process involves a high risk factor collated with tough negotiations, relationship building and extensive strategic alliances. If any step goes wrong, the process has the tendency to collapse and may cause unusually high losses with relatively meager gains.

So how do you ensure that your institutional marketing is done with a technique that promising returns are made? This is exactly what this 2-day training is all about. This training has been dynamically designed to become an intense theoretical learning with a large chunk dedicated to the practicalities of the subject. The attendees of this 2-day rigorous institutional marketing training program will be able to explore the right tools and the techniques for correct market segmentation, brand maneuvering in an institutional setting and applying theoretical knowledge to challenging case studies.

The training program has been divided into various agendas and sessions. The program has been designed for everyone with a stake in marketing and all organizations looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level in order to optimize the returns and tap into the huge market of institutions!

  • Introduction to basic principles and applications of institutional marketing management
  • Explore the untapped institutional market
  • Product placement for institutional consumer
  • Go to Market strategy for institutional buyers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Established Entrepreneurs
  • Brand Managers / Directors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Directors and Managers
  • Anyone with an interest in consumer marketing

Day 1

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS Introduction to Marketing from a practical perspective
10:30: 10:45 HRS Tea and Coffee Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Institutional Marketing Vs Product Marketing
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Pros and Cons of targeting the institutional market
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 1700 HRS Q & A Session

Day 2

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS How to do relationship building with institutional buyers
10:30: 10:45 HRS Coffee / Tea Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Tools for affective product placement in an institutional market
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Exercise / Workshop
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 17:00 HRS Q & A Session