Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy is defined as the overall dynamics of an organization and the way in which its various business operations work together to achieve particular goals. No SME or big corporation can go for long without laying out long term as well as short term goals and objectives. And the corporate strategy is just about that; Setting up realistic and achievable goals that ensure the organization’s direction remains positive.

Any organization’s corporate strategy is based on three basic questions. The current standing of the organization, where do you want to see the organization stand after a specific period and how do you achieve that.

In an increasingly unpredictable environment, businesses need to look beyond the traditional and find new ways to stay ahead and ensure that their corporate strategy is updated for coping with new challenges.

With a blend of modern theory, strategic analysis and practical application, our corporate strategy training equips you for sustainable strategic success based on time-tested economic principles. In a highly collaborative learning environment, you’ll gain practical insights from in-depth examinations of the challenges and successes of other leading companies.

Guided by our award-winning speakers and executive trainers, you’ll learn how to leverage their latest thinking to identify and assess industry opportunities and capitalize on your organization’s competitive strengths. You’ll then explore how best to apply those strengths to build a solid foundation for profitability and growth.

  • Introduction to basic principles of corporate strategy
  • Learn analytical frameworks for strategy formulation
  • Identify the potential risks and pitfalls while drafting corporate strategy
  • General Managers
  • Marketing, product and sales managers from medium to large business-to-business firms
  • Presidents and vice presidents
  • Manager and Directors who help plan and implement market-oriented corporate strategies

Day 1

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS Fundamentals of Corporate Strategy
10:30: 10:45 HRS Tea and Coffee Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS External Environment Corporate Analysis
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Internal Profitability Analysis
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 1700 HRS Q & A Session

Day 2

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS Introduction to analytical frameworks for strategy formulation
10:30: 10:45 HRS Coffee / Tea Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Long-term sustainability of corporate strategy
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Exercise / Workshop
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 17:00 HRS Q & A Session