Consumer Marketing

A consumer market is the biggest market that allows the consumers and the marketers to transact on mutually beneficial bases. This market is the most populated entity in the whole marketing paradigm with firms and users entering and exiting on , nearly, daily bases. The activity of this market relies on the needs and demands of the consumer who goes out to purchase a product.

The more consumers hit the streets for shopping, more active is the market! The consumer market is mainly driven and cognized by consumer demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics.

To compete in today’s hypercompetitive, constantly evolving markets, marketers must understand consumers’ goals, beliefs and behaviors — and then translate those insights into an effective marketing strategy. Learn to segment, reach and convert customers in this intensive program. The mass proliferation of media channels divides and diverts consumers’ attention like never before. Successful marketers must define a sound marketing strategy while continually adapting their tactics to the ever-shifting landscape.

In this 2-day consumer marketing training delivered by the best faculty and speakers, you will be challenged to explore and appreciate the consumer market like never before. The training revolves around industry focused marketing practices that will carry the essential content and practicalities for budding and established marketers to tap in the consumer market equipped with all the tools necessary to create a difference.

The program lays special emphasis on the real world marketing scenario. Our approach is case based where the studies and collaborative exercises are conducted to make your understanding thorough.

  • Identify the most attractive targets for your firm’s offerings
  • Use deep customer insight to build a strong brand position
  • Employ social networks, social media and traditional media to attract and engage customers
  • Design and manage distribution channels to optimize value delivered to customers
  • Set price to capture value created
  • Create powerful and enduring brands
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Established Entrepreneurs
  • Brand Managers / Directors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Directors and Managers
  • Anyone with an interest in consumer marketing

Day 1

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS Developing a consumer marketing strategy
10:30: 10:45 HRS Tea and Coffee Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Identifying Segmentation, Target Market and brand positioning
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Evaluation of advertisement and promotional strategies – Branding
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 1700 HRS Q & A Session

Day 2

Time Program Schedule
09:00: 10:30 HRS Identifying tools needed for deep consumer buying insights
10:30: 10:45 HRS Coffee / Tea Break
10:45: 12:30 HRS Recognizing channel strategy as a competitive tool
12:30 : 14:00 HRS Lunch and Prayer Break
14:00 : 15:30 HRS Establishing an insightful approach to pricing
15:30 : 15:40 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
15:45 : 17:00 HRS Q & A Session