The reality is it’s a fast moving world. We need Reality-Driven Leaders.

Ubiquitous, with mobile supercomputing, intelligent robots, self-driving cars and Neuro-technological brain enhancements, this current transformation is deemed to bring unsurpassed change. The evidence of such dramatic and humanly challenging improvement is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed.

There’s no way around this fact, the world is in ¬flux, with major shifts and disruptions. And this Fourth Industrial Revolution is now. But no matter wether you focus on it or not, want it or not, it is happening and it will affect you.

Through groundbreaking technology, unprecedented processing power and speed, and massive storage capacity, data is being collected and harnessed like never before. From this unthinkable and invisible collection of potential information, human beings are observed, managed and reinvented to improve on existing systems, products or services. To many people, these changes represent more than a challenge. Yet previous industrial revolutions have shown us that if companies and industries don’t adapt to the fast-moving internal and external environments, they struggle. Worse, they fail. Equally true, organizations in transformation struggle to shift thinking and behaviors among employees and to get everyone to “buy-in” to what is typically a long and challenging evolution. But there is a way to speed the transformation — by aligning the organization around the shared goals and helping employees, by leveraging on and improving their skills, see the grand vision and their stake in the process.

To continue success in the years to come, business leaders can tap into simple and efficient principles to win the “hearts and minds” of all stakeholders who will contribute to such transformative efforts.

The Master Class seeks to give a practical insight to bring beliefs at the conscious level, clarifying why the current state of the Neurosciences applied to business best practices is the mainstream knowledge for aligning powerful emotions with infinite cognitive capacity. We will share a simple Map, tools and a process to develop the best behaviours, allowing leaders to become teachers of their own kind, agile thinkers, accelerators of development and innovation, inspiring engagement and reinforcing performance. The class offers the opportunity to revisit core constructs on what makes people “tick”, from head to hands, from decision-making processes to proper implementation, reconciling dilemmas and embracing cultural diversity, while remaining trustful in the long-range impact of technological, economic and societal approaches.

Attendees will leave the Masterclass with an action plan that will improve their effectiveness and an understanding of what makes them and each of their team “tick”.

Benefits of the program / Key Learning Take Aways

  • Knowledge of the innovative tools and benefits in neuroscience applied to Leadership
  • How to create world-class cultural environments, gain effective people’ s insights and promote effective techniques to steer through times of transition
  • How to embrace a strategic approach by making sense of the latest insights from brain sciences techniques, thus building stronger engagement and clear vision of business realities
  • Learning from case studies, that are fundamental to the topics of Dilemma Reconciliation
  • How to embrace cultural diversity thus thriving through persuasion and influence
  • How to use and apply such learnings to foster greater cohesion in achieving corporate objectives
  • How to benefit from in depth peer discussions, by fine-tuning listening skills in sharing real experiences and challenging debates

Who Should Attend

  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • Corporate leaders
  • Team builders
  • Public relations senior managers
  • Cultural affairs officers
  • Newly appointed managers
  • Communication leaders